Inspired by Spring

Monday, March 19, 2012

I imagine most artists, designers, and possibly even
musicians are more inspired to create during the turn
of a season. I assume it is obvious that I am feeling
inspired in this fashion now.

Inspiration: Spring is upon us now. The flowers are
sprouting, the leaves are turning neon green, and when
opening the door we hear the laughter of birds outside.

My husband and I have been enjoying late afternoons walking
through a few local parks. We use these opportunities for
scouting out spots to start shooting pictures again. It's
been so refreshing feeling the warm sun on our skin after
those winter months have left our feet like ice cubes!
Just like the turning of summer into fall, the sky seems
brighter, the sounds are crisp, and all of the fresh blossoms
of color in the flowers are saturated with pigments so
strong and rich I just wish I could capture it to
use on my palette.

I'll be playing with color this spring. A little bit of
lavender, pops of lime green, and maybe touches of rose
here and there. My work will remain in the neutral tones,
as warm grays and romantic whites will still play a major
role. However, I do look forward to branching out of my
comfort zone sampling what springs gift of color has to offer.

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  1. We're seeing bits of green here & there but it still feels very wintery here, supposed to have 1-3" of snow tomorrow! I have had almost a full year of living with actually having seasons and I am ready for the next one to begin!

    I also experience a burst of creative energy at a turn of each season. Looking forward to seeing the results of your spring bloom!

  2. Snow?? You know Lesley, I can tell you are having the time of your life with all of your travels and adventures. I really shows in all that you are so passionate about! In many ways you are living the dream : )