Price Increase and Why

Monday, July 2, 2012

I've noticed an ongoing trend this past year with art; people are really coming back to originals
and giving it a great deal of thought while making their decision. Art is so very unique that most
collectors are willing to wait for that very special piece to enter their life verses shopping for a car
in one weekend. Commissions really seem to be the new red which means we have been quite the
busy bees creating custom pieces for just the right space in someones life.  : ) 
A lot of artists are not only stocking up on inventory but are making sure our
current project at hand has our undivided attention. That attention is focused on quality and details.

Business has indeed picked up for many of us and it seems to be happening all at once.
This in return creates the issue of supply and demand. With that said, I am announcing
an across the board price increase on my work that will stagger starting now
through Oct. 2012. This is actually a good thing for those who have
been collectors of my work over the years. Depending on the environment,
I will be revisiting this subject again somewhere around the first of the year, but please
know I will do my very best to keep the price point of my work on the affordable side.

Thank you again so much for the many wonderful years of continues success.

For any questions please feel free to send me an email:


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  2. Sorry about the prior deleted comment; for some reason the link led back to a now-defunct blog. It does indeed seem that the economy and art sales are on the upswing, and your post thoughtfully explains all the implications of this trend. Many artists like myself will be grateful you took the time to do this. I did not realize you had a blog, but I am adding it to my blog roll immediately, so I can visit you often!

  3. Kathy, thank you so much for your comment. I have had several artists contact me since I posted this blog saying that I addressed the issue really well. It really made me feel good to hear this as I was so nervous about doing so. I usually just raise my prices unannounced but this year things are picking up for everyone, you included : )and I wanted to speak for all of us directly to our collectors. Thank you again so much for your support Kathy. I wish you all the continued success!