When Two Arts Meet | Behind the Design

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I’ve been away from my computer lately (but I promise new images are forthcoming) as several talented designers from different areas of the country have been keeping me extremely busy. Lot’s of coffee and chocolate (lucky me) has been in order. They have all inspired me with their wonderful and challenging ideas!! Be sure to visit their pages and websites. 


  1. Thanks for the intro to Julie and Kristina.....both very talented!!

  2. Yes, they are so very talented and beyond fun to work with. Both Kristina and the Julie Couch girls have so many wonderful forthcoming ideas that we are all so excited about. I just love working with them!
    Thank you so much for stopping by Sherry!

  3. Christina, Thank you for following me on bloglovin, it helped me find your blog!! Your paintings are amazing, you are so very talented,
    Happy Saturday,

  4. Thank you for stopping by Kathy! I think I found you on Pinterest and then I saw that you posted the shelves that Sherry Hart did (what a great job she did on those) so I looked around more at your blog and loved it. I liked the handy man holding the P up! : ) Look forward to exploring more. Still new to the blog thing but getting addicted fast.