Abstract Art - Study in Progress

Friday, February 17, 2012

This year will be a year that I would like to
focus on my abstract work more then anything
that I paint. I will always work on my flowers
and landscapes of course, however I am digging
deep into my abstract studies during the
forthcoming days and months ahead.

People have asked me, how do I paint an abstract?
I always tell them I do so intuitively. I just let
the colors flow and the shapes fall without much thought.
This process has worked well for me. Inevitably, around half
way through my piece, I find it more and more challenging
adding those finishing elements. You know, the ones that
not only glue the shapes together and add contrast, but
also those little needed “pops” of life that I love to see
in art. With that said, I'm opening my mind, that as been
locked up in a safe world of self taught style and technique
and doing some research on possible intuitive ideas that
I can apply using to my current personal style of painting.

Here is something online I found extremely interesting that
I would love to share with those of you on the same journey,
or even those who would love a better understand of the
world of Abstract Art.

Click link: Abstract Composition


  1. This was a very nice surprise, seeing you here on blogspot I mean! You've kind of disappeared from Flickr, I've missed your wonderful photography work, but I'm glad to see you haven't stopped creating. (I'm eve.ps, changed it to my full name-lastname for some time now.. I soooo missed you Cristie, hope you're doing well! :))***xxx

  2. Hey there Eve!!! It is so good to see you here! I haven't been posted much on Flicker but will once spring really gets in. I miss interacting with everyone. I hope you are doing well and staying creative. Thank you for reaching out. xoxo