What's Behind the Titles of My Art

Saturday, February 25, 2012

What is it in a title that sometimes helps us form a relationship
with a piece of art? For me, I can answer that question using one word: Emotion.

It usually takes me on average 3 days to a week to complete
one piece. I also usually have 3 pieces in progress all
at once. Working in acrylics allows me to set aside a
freshly painted canvas, pick up the next piece and rotate
my work by adding layers upon layers of color, movement and
life. However, there comes a point, usually about 3/4 of the
way through, that more of an intimate relationship begins to
form with an individual piece. My mind is no longer thinking
of three paintings in progress but instead the one currently
sitting on my easel. The present moment. It's as if no other
art that I have ever created, am currently working on, or will
be forthcoming exist. This is when the personality of the piece
really takes shape and titles begin to dance around as if saying
"pick me pick me."

Now most of the time I actually choose the title at the very
end, when I am staring at an image of my painting on my
laptop as if it has just went through a professional photo
shoot. I see all that I love about the painting as well as the
things I may need to rework, tweak, and at times completely
eliminate. This is the moment all emotions, the days of
nurturing & hard work, and most of all the current state of my
surroundings, if I'm sad, happy, just daydreaming or my dog is
driving me crazy, that I select a name.

It is not always what I see but more or less what I feel.

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