Care for the Hands of an Artist

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Since moving to Tennessee from Florida I have noticed how much dryer my skin has
been due to the change in humidity compared to back home. My hands have especially suffered
because I am painting twice as much these days. Anyway, a few years back, my absolutely amazing
wonderful and ever-so-caring husband, gave me what he calls "My Spa Bag" full of lotions, soaps and
all things girly. He had been on a secret search for a good hand cream as I was
always complaining
how dry my hands felt. He stopped at a place called Crabtree & Evelyn
that is located in the Green Hills Mall
(for those of you in the Nashville area) and explained to
the woman working there at the time that I was an
artist and what my needs were regarding my hands. She recommended the Hand Remedy and Therapy line.
He also stopped by Aveda (I was already a user of their oils and body lotions) and found another hand
cream that I had never tried before. Well within days of using these products, it does not matter which ones
you use, my hands began to feel like silk. No joke, silk!! I was sold.

The Crabtree & Evelyn lotions come in several different fragrances. My favorites are the Pomegranate,
Himalayan Blue & Wisteria.

If you are an artist or just someone who loves your hands feeling soft & silky, you absolutely must try
these products. You will be so very happy with the results!

Speaking of dry hands, I need to get back to my paints!


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