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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In case you missed my post a few weeks back, Found Gallery at Artsy Forager is hosting their very first online art exhibit. "City Mouse Country Mouse" is the name of this event in which local Nashville artist Deann Hebert is Country Mouse and Christina Baker (hi!) is City Mouse.

Over the past few weeks a nice little buzz has been brewing about this exhibit so I wanted to take the time to thank those who have been blogging, tweeting, pinning and plugging away for us! It means a lot to us that you have all taken the time to spread the word of our work. We do all have something in common. We love art!

So please check out all of their creative sites listed below and don't forget to visit our show while it's still up!

Note: To purchase one of the paintings from our show, please follow the link located inside the Found Gallery page and fill out the comment forum. You can also see all of the paintings I have on display on my web site: here. Someone will be getting back to you to offer payment options. Portions of the proceeds are being donated to the Nashville Zoo.

Have a wonderful and creative week.


Inward Facing Girl
Beautiful Hello
Curate 1k
The Artful Desperado
The Jealous Curator
Arbus Magazine
Gregg Irby Fine Art

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