Gregg Irby Fine Art Exclusively Yours

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I have some exciting news to share about a very special gallery tucked away behind the historic Sardis Church in Buckhead Atlanta. This special place is Gregg Irby Fine Art, which most of you already know, has been representing my work for nearly 8 years now. A place where Gregg herself has been such a wonderful mentor for my work from day one.

The past few years, emerging from a long economic recession, has been overwhelming for so many artists, including myself. We have art shows, commissions and sometimes more then one gallery to ship work too. After long deliberation and many of those "hubby help me" talks with my man while walking on the greenway, in the car, at the dinner table and even when he is just waking up (bless his heart), I have made an important decision about the next chapter of my art career. That is to streamline my work by cutting back on shows, adding more time for commissions and choosing one art gallery to call my home.

So as of today my work is exclusively represented by Gregg Irby Fine Art in Atlanta!

Gregg Irby (seen in this great picture below) has been an art curator for nearly 15 years now. From what I have witnessed, she started off with one vision and simple put, stuck with it.

 Image of Gregg Irby from The Scout Guide Atlanta via guest blogger Holly Street of Things That Inspire.

I've heard many say that Gregg Irby Fine Art definitely has a "Gregg Irby Look." When you enter the gallery you will notice the harmonious flow created by the art keeping in mind that there are over 20 different artists represented here.

                                                                       Some of my work displayed.

 Great body of work by Erin McIntosh. You can see a glimpse of Sally Powell's lively work above the wall.

This warm welcoming feel creates an unconscious invitation to stay, admire and even get lost in all of the colors and textures.
                                                    The colorful work of Michelle Armas

 Many times you will find a few paintings leaning against the wall, something I have always personally loved in a gallery setting, resembling the feel of actually being in the artist's studio.

       The beautiful work of  Eileen Power who has been with Gregg for roughly two years now.

This is what the gallery temporarily looks  like after a large "new work" invasion! This was a trip we made a few months back of both Deann Hebert (entrance) and my work. Again, you can see Sally Powell (leaning center) as well as the vibrant work on Casey Matthews who is hanging on the far right. The adorable fish are by artist Blanche Quinn.

Aside from the actual gallery itself, Gregg Irby Fine Art continues to showcase her artists in several areas around the south by way of annual traveling art shows. These shows are hosted in the lovely homes of local residents who transform each house into a live-in art gallery for the week. We all love it when Gregg does these shows as our art is seen in person by folks who may otherwise only be able to view it online. Along with these out of town shows, Gregg Irby Fine Art is known for reaching out to art lovers and collectors all over the country by shipping art directly to their clients. Their website alone is like a gallery inside of a gallery which has generated many sales for all of us.

So as you can see, I have many wonderful reasons to celebrate being a Gregg Irby Fine Art exclusive!


  1. Wonderful! I am happy for you and Gregg Irby is one lucky gallery owner.

  2. Kerry, I know you have other things in the works but I still think your art would be perfect fit in her gallery!!

  3. I have never seen the gallery in person, but have admired for a while online. I love your work and Gregg Irby has so many amazing artists!! And you are right- Kerry would be a nice fit!

  4. Good for you, Christina! If streamlining helps you to get more time in the studio, it's a wise choice and your art looks perfect here. And is it my imagination, or are commissions on the rise? I've had more commissions this year than in all the previous years combined!

  5. WB, thank you for your comments! If you are ever in the Buckhead/ATL area try to stop by sometime. It's such a neat gallery in such a beautiful neighborhood. Lot's of trees and of course art! : )

    M.A, regarding commissions, yes yes and yes they are very much on the rise for all artist from what I have noticed. Maybe 45% of my work is now commission work. Kerry can attest to having more commissions as well! I'm really glad to hear you are also staying busy and hopefully are able to find some "fun, free time" painting. I think adding more time to the deadlines may help that. Well let's hope right? Any suggestions are welcome.

  6. Thank you for being a friend to GIFA and so much more!! We love representing you and here's to the next 8+ years!

  7. Thank you Gregg! When you say 8+ years all I keep thinking about is how old I will be then! lol Anyway, thank you so much. I've been beyond grateful working with you.

  8. I love Gregg's gallery....was there today! Saw some beautiful work....yours included....congratulations on hanging in there with your beautiful paintings.

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