Thank You

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's been almost two years since I made the announcement that I will be transitioning from working in impressionist landscapes and floral paintings to primarily abstracts. I was not only nervous but also a little worried, as I realize that abstract work is not always accessible, however, it has been the most incredible experience of my career! I often wonder why I did not do this sooner!  There were so many people-- friends, family, fellow artists, and trusted artistic "eyes" who saw the potential in my earlier work and pushed me to push myself.

This blog post is dedicated to saying "Thank You" and if I could send each and every one of you a Thank You card, I would! I love the tradition of sitting down with a pen and carefully chosen stationery and writing with my own hand a note of thanks.
I have an obsession not only with coffee and chocolate but note cards. Trust me, we could use another closet to store my collection! So in honor of this post I would like to share with you some recent treasures that I hope will warm your heart and inspire your world as much as they do mine.

I came across the work of Grace Walker Goad via Gallery One in Nashville. I was immediately drawn to her use of lively color and flowing compositions.

Grace was diagnosed with Autism at 32 months of age in 1997. Grace's mother, Leisa A. Hammett who is also an author, speaker, advocate, introduced Grace to art inspired by research showing that children with disabilities can find joy and a means of expression in art making. 

                                                         Grace assembling her note cards.

Though Grace was exposed to many genres of the arts, such as music and dance, it was at the age of 4 that both Leisa and Grace's father, Jeff Goad, realized it was the visual arts that Grace was drawn to most as a way of self expression. From there, Grace studied privately under the guidance of therapists and art teachers.


Grace's work has been featured in several exhibits, including shows at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, and a solo show at The Artery in Greenville, NC. Her work is also in the permanent artists’ collection at the Tennessee State Museum. Private collections of a number of individuals including NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino and former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, MD, among others. You can see more of her stunning work in person at Gallery One in Nashville and on her website, Grace Goad. You can also order a set of 10 of her notecards for $25, which includes shipping and handling by contacting Leisa at: info(at)gracegoad(dot)com
I have recently ordered a set for myself and can not wait to get my hands on them. I have a feeling I will be framing as many as I will be sharing with others!!

In addition to Grace's art cards, I found these adorable cards online. What a great idea to teach young children the habit of sending a "Thank You" card! This artist also has a selection of other really adorable cards on her Etsy page.

                                                                    on Esty

                                        And here is another really creative find on For Arts Sake

Last but not least, this card was included with two original paintings I recently acquired by the talented
Kerry Steele
. I fell in love with this card as much as I did her paintings! It's these small details of creativity and gratitude that truly warm my heart. This card will be going into a beautiful white frame in the near future.

                                                                     Artist Kerry Steele

Wouldn't you love to see any of these show up in your mailbox?  Even better, with a heartfelt note from someone you helped in some way?  Of course, you would!  Let's get the thank you ball rolling!

Once again, a big THANK YOU to all of those who have supported my own work!  I think the best way to repay your kindness and support is by paying it forward and encouraging and advocating for my fellow artists.  Even the smallest gesture makes a world of difference.


  1. I love, love, love Grace's cards! The vibrant colors are right up my alley. I think everyone appreciates a handwritten note and they are so much more rare nowadays.

  2. I too love them! What a talented young lady she is. I love your card too you know! You really surprised me with it! It just makes me feel happy. "Thank you!"

  3. Yes, love the Kerry Steele card! Thank you so much for featuring GraceArt, Christina!

  4. I could not be more honored to have Grace's art featured on my blog! Thank you Leisa for helping to make that happen. She is beyond talented! I just received the cards about 10mins ago am in so in love!!

  5. Yay! I have tweeted both of your names, Christina and Kerry and also pinned Kerry's card along with the blog post, which will also appear on my personal and professional Facebook wall and pages. I could not find either of you on Twitter and for some reason (probably my ignorance,) I could not tag either of you on Pinterest. : /