Summer on Paper

Saturday, June 21, 2014

If your following me on Instagram you've been witnessing a new mini series I started on
paper. This series titled "Art Yoga" was actually inspired by the pressure to meet deadlines.

I had been waking up around 4:00am and immediately began painting in order to get as much done as possible. One morning I made my coffee, sat at the table with one of my mix media pads and just began cutting small 5x5 squares.

 "Paper Dolls"

Just the cutting alone was relaxing me....I would paint on these squares with no goal or purpose at all and was barely even awake. The mornings are always so peaceful so as you can image, I was extremely relaxed
and  completely in "the zone" with these little gems morphing into something magical and mysterious.

"June Bug"

I found painting so freely each morning began to serve as the perfect "warm up" before tackling the larger
pieces later that day hence I felt less pressured to meet an important deadline. 

"Fruity Pebbles"

As well as serving as somewhat of a stress reducer, I've also begun to explore new colors and compostions that I plan on "trying" to translate on a larger scale. It's something of a lesson in developing & growing which is always one of our goals as an artist.

Me holding some Art Yoga's that were in production! : ) 

Though most of these Art Yoga mini's have sold there are many more forthcoming and will become available later this summer via Gregg Irby Fine Art.


  1. I love all of these and I am sure so many people are going to be the happy owners of these little gems.

  2. Love your Art Yoga! Especially the composition of "Fruity Pebbles"...those pops of blue around the edges and the variation of marks.

  3. As a fellow artist I can totally relate. These are amazing.

  4. These are gorgeous. I love to paint abstract work right in the morning. It is very freeing.

  5. Thank you all so much for your comments!! xoxo c.

  6. These are so very cool! I've also found that painting on paper is somehow liberating and adds a totally different quality to my work. One day, I suddenly wanted to paint during my 20 min. lunch break, and, since I didn't have a palette knife handy, I used a plastic spoon. Awesome. I highly recommend it!

  7. Kathy, that is just a wonderful and inspiring story! Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. I am in awe of your talent - just love the colors and hearing how it all comes about!

    1. Designchic, thank you for your kind words and for stopping by!

  9. Gorgeous Christina! Sooo love your work... xo